Beirut Panther started as an Instagram business page on the 19th of September 2018. The brand was later developed with a new art direction and identity on the 22nd of May 2020.

Our Identity

We are a Lebanese Brand that aims to support the Lebanese industry. All the manufacturing and designing are done by Lebanese Local Businesses and we put Lebanon first in our hearts in everything we do! We encourage all the Lebanese to buy products that are Made in Lebanon to help our economy grow!

From Lebanon, to the World and beyond!

Why the name Beirut Panther

Our love to Beirut is limitless, it is the capital of our Lebanese dream, it is the capital of our ambitions. And just like a panther, our brand aims to be Focused, Elegant, Flexible, Fast, with a pinch of mystery.

Our Products

All our products are made in Lebanon. They are made of 100% High quality cotton, combed for softness and comfort.
All illustrations and designs on the shirts are designed by young designers who are full of energy and creativity with messages that they would like to share with the world!

The printing is done through the handmade silk screen printing method to guarantee high quality, durable, and gorgeous looking fashion that suits your taste.

All our products are unisex! And perfectly fitting all genders with utmost comfort.

Our Mission

To make the Lebanese Industry be known worldwide and be supported by the local customers.

Our Vision

Fashion is one form of self-expression and we aim to provide every person with a heart-felt reflection of their inner self! A product that reflects their identity!

Our Message to the world

We, as young adults, are the future. Our actions today will form the future we and our children after us will be living in. Therefore, at Beirut Panther, we look for a colorful future to Beirut, Lebanon, and the world. A world with no Racism, sectarianism, homophobia, and any form of hatred and discrimination. A world of peace!